We just love delivering quality healthy food!

Silver Bowl Restaurant is an independent fast food restaurant that is focused on delivering Jamaican cuisine to our customers. Specializing in authentic Jamaican cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our offerings are made from pure natural ingredients which are purchased from local farmers three times per week.


As the second of four Jamaican themed fast food entities operated by the Joiles family in the parishes of Kingston and St. Catherine, we strived to ensure our food remains fresh and that we deliver the very best on quality. This commitment to delivering quality and healthy food has helped us earn the trust of families in Spanish Town and its environs.

Why us?

Let’s get you that quality meal your belly craves for!

We are made up of people with a wide range of experience in the food industry who come together with the aim of serving the best food possible while assuring customer satisfaction. At Silver Bowl Restaurant, we see our customers as an extension of your family, and this is why we go the extra mile to make sure all foods are made from fresh natural ingredients.


Why Use our Service?

Silver Bowl Restaurant is a family restaurant that has succeeded in passing on the Jamaican tradition through offering Jamaican themed foods of a wide variety. Some reasons to use our service include:


Healthy Food: Silver Bowl Restaurant adopts a 'farm to table' concept that ensures we serve the best foods that are made from the most natural ingredients purchased from local farmers three times per week. This helps to keep our food fresh and healthy, ensuring we deliver the best quality at all times.


A wide range of options: With a Jamaican themed food offering that includes cake and pastries and the famous Devon House iScream, you are never going to run out of choices. Our service also guarantees convenience, with our patrons given the ability to choose between Dine in, Take out and catering services.


Quality Assured: Since we are a family-owned fast food entity, the legacy has been passed for generations, ensuring our patrons get the very best quality delivered. This consistency has seen us become a brand known to provide delicious home cook meals to families in Spanish Town and its environs.


Excellent Customer Support: As a family business, Silver Bowl Restaurant sees its customers as an extension of the family and to further satisfy them, we have set up a reliable customer support team to answer all of your questions and inquiries. Have questions regarding our menu or our services? Our dedicated team ensures your needs are attended to at all times.





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Spanish Town,

St. Catherine

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10 Constant Spring Road





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